The teacher training questionnaire

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mentoringWith the Christmas holidays almost upon us after a long-term. I began to wonder about all the trainee teachers coming to the end of their first term and possibly their first school placement. Thinking back to my teacher training, I know the majority of them will be using the holidays to sort out their files and folders and catch up on their assignments, some might even be thinking that this isn’t for me?

I wanted to find out the answer to three main questions.

  • Do you work or train in a Secondary school or Primary school?
  • What do you wish someone told you before starting your teacher training?
  • What should be included in teacher training that isn’t already?

I decided to that best way to do this was via a Google Docs form. This would allow trainee teachers to submit anonymous responses and allow me to store and analyse the results. This in turn will hopefully allow me to try to help, advise and understand more about the issues trainee teachers face as they work through the new trainee teacher program they are on. As although the principal is the same the teacher training program has changed since I was doing my PGCE.

If you can spare a few minutes please answer the below questions honestly, all answers are anonymous but I do intend to blog about the answers I receive at a later date.


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