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For my first post on my E-learning section I am going to talk about feedback and its uses. In my school we have an Assessment for Learning (AFL) co-ordinator who you can follow on twitter here @coopsonia she sends out all sorts of useful resources and ideas for AFL. I have uploaded some of the presentations to slideshare in order to share these resources with you. They can be found at the bottom of this post and include:

  • Write a PIN
  • Write a NUT
  • Feedback stems for pupils

 “We all need people who will give us feedback. That’s how we improve.” Bill Gates 

I think that feedback is important for students, but I also think that it is just as important that the students understand what the feedback is about, as well as allowing them the opportunity to respond to the feedback. In the past like many other teachers, I have been guilty of giving written feedback to students and assuming what I have written has made perfect sense and that the students understand fully what they have to do.

It was only until I started doing one on one verbal feedback, that I felt my feedback was being effective. This is not to say that written feedback does not have its place, but as I am sure you know in schools one size does not fit all. With the one on one verbal feedback I would sit down with a student during a lesson whilst the other students are getting on with their work or a task I have set. We would discuss what the student has been doing as well as what they think they need to improve. Very similar to the written form of feedback but this gets the student involved with the feedback process from the beginning and gives them ownership of the process.

Once the conversation with the student is concluded, I would then stamp the students planner, diary or book with a feedback stamp. The student then has the opportunity to respond to the feedback that was just discussed by writing down next to the stamp what they have done well and what they need to improve. Since implementing this process students work has improved and it has saved a lot of time marking students work as the students know exactly what they have to do to improve their work.

I would love to say that this would work in all schools but you would be the best judge of that, as you know your students and you know your schools. I would be interested in hearing about what you think about feedback in schools and what system you or your school use to help your students improve.



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