What makes you successful?

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Hi all, sorry it has been so long without a post but I have been a bit preoccupied and will be able to officially announce some exciting news later on in the month. Bruce LeeAnyway back to my new post, I want to talk about success. I was recently asked if I could do an assembly, I chose to do the assembly on the topic of success. I wanted to get across to the year group that there are many forms of success and it really doesn’t matter where you have come from or where you are now, as anyone can be successful if you have faith in yourself.

I personally do not believe in fate and genuinely believe that we make our own luck, if you want to be successful you have to make it happen, not anyone else but you. Now this doesn’t mean that you can’t accept help from others because let’s face it we all need some help sometimes. I found this video on the Ted website which helped get the message I wanted across to the students. Now if you haven’t heard of Ted before you have been really missing out there are lots of interesting videos on various topics being discussed by experts in their field, there is something for everyone. The website can be found here:

The video I found is by Richard St. John and he talks about his quest to find out what it takes to be successful. I really like and agree with his conclusions but I think he should look at his methodology of his research as he just interviews successful people assuming they understand how they became successful, he admits in the video that he does not know how he became successful himself. This is just my personal opinion and should not distract from the message in video which I think is fairly good advice. What do you think?

The video can be found here


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