APPy days it’s Friday

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APPy Days

Welcome to the second installment of the APPy days its Friday blog post. The app I want to share with you today is called This company has 2 apps on the market a to do task list and a calendar it also has some more coming soon in the form of an e-mail app and a note app. I have been using the to do list app for a while and have found it to be incredibly useful as it is quick and easy to use. What is great is that you can get the app on multiple platforms:

  • A web appAnyDo
  • Android phone
  • Apple phone
  • Chrome app
  • Chrome extension

I have used all of the above except the iPhone app as I have an Android phone and the syncing is seamless which is really useful.

Here is a little bit from the website.

“Used by millions, is an award winning task app. Winner of Apple’s Intuitive Touch Award and Android’s Best App of 2012, is known for its clean, easy-to-use design and innovative features.”

I have downloaded the calendar app today and I am hoping that it’s as good as the to do list app. If you are looking for an app that will help with your productivity you have found it.

Here is their website where you can find the links to download their apps:

Have a great weekend and a fantastic Easter break if you have it off.


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