The Most Able journey (Update)

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This is just an update on a post I put out at the end of last year about using what I have done previously in other schools in my current school to raise attainment and boost progress. You can find that post here.

Anyway I am happy to report, although it is still early days it appears to be having a positive effect on the student’s academic progress. The graphs below show an improvement from the data taken in October to the data taken in December (PS1 was in October & PP1 was in December) although only 2 months apart, interventions were put in place that helped tailor the support offered to the individual needs of the students. Which as we all know a personalised approach is way more effective when it comes to working with students and adults for that matter.

For reference “CG” means  Current Grade so what the students are currently working at and “OTTG” means On Track To Get which is what staff members think students will achieve at the end of year 11. I hope to be able to put out another update late on in the year.





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