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A bit about me:

My name is James Edwards and I am the Head of the Computing & Business Department at Penrice Academy. I am interested in anything related to learning and technology.

One of my proudest achievements and career turning points started off with a response to a chance email sent out by a Deputy Head teacher. It asked that teachers submit projects they were working on for a Microsoft Innovative Teaching award. I submitted my project and got to the UK finals, this helped raise the profile of the school significantly and led to the school developing strong international links with Microsoft. I have developed these links which have had a very positive impact on key stakeholders within schools I have worked at.

I am incredibly passionate about what I do, I admire and I am inspired by people who do things that others say can’t be done. A great example of this is Tommy Flowers. I believe that anything is possible with enough perseverance and belief, once I have set myself a goal I will do everything I can to reach it.

I believe that we should systematically re-evaluate how we approach situations and change and adapt our methods to meet the circumstances we are presented with at the time. This philosophy has allowed me to adapt and respond to situations with the appropriate measure and achieve key objectives. This mind-set has meant that my department has some of the best results in the school.

Colleagues have said that I am exceptionally good at planning for complex tasks, this allows me to dissect the overall objective into smaller manageable segments that can then be delegated to the relevant team members to undertake. Due to my attention to detail, analysing data and identifying trends or inconsistencies in data is also a key skill I possess. These skills have aided me to help departments and school reach their desired targets and allowed students to reach their full potential.

I am definitely a morning person with a can do attitude. When I can I attend the Gym at 6:30 as this helps me focus on what I want to achieve in my day ahead. I’m happy to discuss anything in my blog further so please feel free to contact me.